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Hiral & Alok’s Secret Wedding Proposal at Runnymede Plantation

There is nothing more beautiful than watching two hearts, forever searching, finally join as one!!!

When Alok contacted me several weeks ago about photographing his marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Hiral, I felt an instant connection. Both of them grew up in Mwanza, Tanzania. I grew up in Moanza, Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Plus Cami & I visited Tanzania in 2009 and 20011, both times passing through Mwanza. Hiral left to attend University in England. I have good friends in England, who we’ve visited a couple times. Alok now lives in Charleston, which of course is where we now call home. The connections we share are simply uncanny!

Early this morning, I gathered up the picnic basket of chocolate covered strawberries, sparkling grape juice, and huge bouquet of roses that Alok’s brother and sister-in-law brought over to me last night. Arriving at the picturesque Runnymede Plantation, which we had arranged for the occasion, I got everything set up just as Alok texted that they were on the way. I donned my camouflage gear, mounted the long 200-400mm lens on my D810, and hid among the Spanish moss covered branches. My heart was pounding, I think I was nervous for Alok!  I wondered if his heart was pounding too?

All my worries melted away as I watched these two amazing individuals share a meal, laugh, talk, and look into each other’s eyes. When Alok finally proposed, it was pure magic! Everything just felt “right” in the world at that moment…peaceful, beautiful, magical.  By the way, she said “YES”!  🙂  Afterwards, we all had a good laugh, then enjoyed a fun mini-engagement shoot together.

Many thanks to Tim for the special arrangements he made for us at Runnymede Plantation.  And CONGRATULATIONS Alok & Hiral!  It was an honor and a privilege sharing this special moment in your lives.