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Headshots for Seamon Whiteside

Seamon Whiteside has been growing and expanding! I had so much fun returning to photograph the newest members of their amazing team.

We selected a low-key lighting style for their head-shots.  A dark background and some directional lighting created the look they like.  I used 2 SB-5000 flashes in a Westcott 50″ Apollo Softbox as the main light source.  This was augmented by two flanking rim lights, each created with an SB-5000 in a Westcott Strip Box.  All images were shot with a Nikon D5 and 70-200 f2.8 VRII.

As you can probably tell, some of my favorites are the “outtakes” where I was just goofing off to get each subject to relax and have fun with their photo shoot.  🙂

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