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Gone Paddlin’

Last week was my BIRTHDAY! 🙂 So to celebrate, Cami had planned a canoe trip with our old friends, Byron & Kathleen White. We love planning trips with these two! Kathleen is so organized, Byron is the quintessential “outdoors man”, and they both have a fantastic sense of humor and enjoy the great outdoors. We traveled to the Santa Fe River, a clear-water river in Florida that’s fed by some 200 underground springs. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS! Jim at the Santa Fe River Outpost arranged for our camping spot at Lilly Springs – we had the whole place to ourselves. We spent several days canoeing, snorkeling, and exploring some of the other famous springs along the way. We saw TONS of wildlife…egrets, anhingas, turtles, beavers, hawks, king fishers, wood peckers, ibis, and MUCH MORE. The scenery was beautiful and the dogwoods were in full bloom. All in all, it was an INCREDIBLE adventure and a WONDERFUL get-away!