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Gone Fishin’

Cami & I drove to Hilton Head to spend the weekend with her parents. They were having a Super Bowl party – which was as good an excuse as any to go visit! As most of you know, I hardly go ANYWHERE without my camera…even when I’m “off”. 🙂 So while everyone was taking a nap Sunday afternoon, I jumped in her parent’s golf cart with my gear and rode up to a nearby pond where I had seen some wildlife hanging out earlier. I got some great shots of cormorants, egrets, herons, and ibis. Just as I was starting to think about packing up, all the other birds on the pond started going NUTS!!! The reason for the commotion…this powerful Osprey that had decided to swoop in to pick up a little dinner. It all happened in a blur, but I managed to squeeze off several frames before it perched on a tall tree to eat. I shot several more of it feeding before the light faded and my own stomach started to growl. Time to head to the party and do a little “feeding” of my own!