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Family Circle Cup Banner

The new Family Circle Cup banner is up!!!

Last year I received deliver of my first Nikon D4 shortly before the tournament. I was blown away by the refinements in the new camera over my previous D3 bodies. In particular I was amazed to see that Nikon had pushed the high-iso envelope into the stratosphere!!!

It’s always such an honor to have one of my images grace the stadium walls. But as living proof to the new camera’s capabilities, this image was shot at ISO 3200 during one of Serena’s night matches! It’s just astounding to see that they picked this photo, enlarged it to 40 x 47 feet, and you STILL don’t see any negative effects from noise or grain! The shot was made with my favorite Nikkor 200-400 f4 VR lens from the upper tier.

Serena has entered the WTA Tournament again this year to defend her title. I’ll be there all week, covering the action as usual! I hope everyone is planning to attend…say “Hi” when you walk by!!! 🙂