If you are interested in the gear we use, here is a list of our favorite tools of the trade.  Because of the incredible responsibility that comes with photographing once-in-a-lifetime events, we rely on top-of-the-line equipment from the best manufacturers in the industry.  Period.  In addition, we carry a barrage of duplicate and backup components at all times.

WARNING:  If you are the least bit squeamish or faint of heart, we do not recommend looking up prices on any of this gear!!!  😉

“No review can actually describe just how incredible the experience is with Chris and Cami and based on my experience, these people are about as perfect as it gets. They were so easy to work with, such consummate professionals, and immaculate artists. Chris made me feel so at ease, he captured the spirit of the moment and made a very average looking subject look spectacular. The pictures were ready in record time and I was completely blown away by just how many great shots he got.”  ~ Christopher Teves