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Global Ethanol Summit at the National Air and Space Museum

Last week I had the distinct honor of photographing an amazing international conference in Reston, VA, just outside our nation’s capitol.

“The 2023 Global Ethanol Summit (GES) seeks to elevate bioethanol’s international visibility and ongoing successful initiatives as a viable decarbonization solution within the transportation and emerging new uses sectors.

The conference will feature senior-level officials from agriculture, environment and energy ministries from around the world to discuss environmental, human health and economic benefits of ethanol use with industry leaders, while fostering collaboration and trade.

More than 450 ministerial-level officials and senior-level industry leaders, ethanol producers and refiners from over 40 countries have been invited to attend, with the goal of engaging a broad array of international ethanol leaders about the benefits of expanding global use.”

A fabulous Wrap Party was held at the National Air and Space Museum. Attendees had freedom to roam and explore, with guides explaining the history and significance of various aircraft around the facility. Cocktails were served under the Space Shuttle in the James S. McDonnell Space Hanger. A delicious dinner followed under the shadow of the SR-71 Blackbird. Acrobats and magicians kept everyone entertained. And a fantastic celebration was had by all!