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Eric’s Proposal to Amanda at Boone Hall Plantation

Eric is a hopeless romantic at heart! I KNOW…because it takes one to know one. šŸ™‚ He and I have been scheming for weeks about the coolest place for him to ask Amanda to be his wife. Being from out of town, I told him about lots of cool places in Charleston. But we both agreed it would be really cool to do under the famous Avenue of Oaks at Boone Hall Plantation!!!

The morning of the big day arrived. I was nervous, Eric was nervous, and Amanda didn’t have a clue!!! šŸ˜‰ I arrived early and set up my Nikkor 200-400VR lens on a D300, making it an effective 300-600 f4! Using Google Maps, Eric & I had arranged a spot for him to do his magic. So I know where they would be and hid behind the main gate for the perfect view of the momentous event.

Everything went PERFECT! Afterwards Eric told Amanda he’d had the whole thing photographed. Yes, he had managed to pull off several sneaky secrets on her! After a few good laughs, we spend the morning photographing their Engagement Session.

What a beautiful couple and a heart-warming way for me to start my day. CONGRATULATIONS Eric & Amanda!!!