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Drone Service for Photographers

For many photographers, passing all the FAA Certifications, and meeting the necessary requirements to fly commercially can be a daunting task! Not every photographer has the skill, the time, or the desire to jump through all those hoops.

Having passed our Part 107 FAA Certification years ago, we’ve found a niche market in partnering with other photographers! We see it as a great way to help our fellow photographers provide the additional service of aerial drone photos to their clients, without all the investments required to purchase the gear and become certified themselves. In return, it gets us involved in projects and assignments that we might otherwise have never collaborated on. And of course the clients love the additional perspectives we can provide from the air. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!!!

Here are a few images from a recent shoot that we collaborated on with our good friend and AMAZING photographer, Mic Smith!  Thank you for thinking of us, Mic!!!