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Donny & Jennie at Summerall Chapel

Donny & Jennie had a SWEET wedding day! I had photographed Jennie’s sister’s wedding, Callie, several years ago. Plus I photographed Jennie’s Bridal Shoot a few weeks earlier. So I knew how much fun Jennie and her family were. And Donny and his crew were a BLAST!!! So combining these two camps made for a terrific day for me!

I started off photographing Jennie’s preparations at her Aunt’s house…which was a beautiful location. Then we zipped down to White Point Gardens at The Battery where she and Donny had their First Glance. I got some really cool shots under and around the Gazebo. Then we headed over to The Citadel where we got family and wedding party photos before the ceremony started. Lee Horst did a great job on the bouquets and floral arrangements. Father Willey led a beautiful service with an exceptional homily. After the wedding, they descended down the steps and through the arched swords for a dramatic exit.

The reception was at The Hibernian…a venue I always enjoy working in. Hamby’s Catering did a fabulous job with the food and decorations. Linda from I Bake Cakes made a unique creation for Donny & Jenny to enjoy. Mike and The Mixers, an AMAZING band in town, rocked the place until not a single foot was standing still. It was AWESOME! At one point I was worried that the floor was going to cave in! 🙂 At the end of the night, Donny & Jenny made their grand escape while being pelted with bird-seed from every direction, then zipping off into the night in their Black Cab. CONGRATULATIONS Donny & Jenny!!!