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Charleston Fashion Week with Nikon D7100

Since I just received one of the first batch of Nikon D7100 cameras in the country, I thought photographing the Charleston Fashion Week would be the perfect real-world opportunity to run it through it’s paces!

Here are a few images. Some were taken with my trusty Nikon D4. Others were taken with my new Nikon D7100. All were shot at ISO 1600 or 3200. No noise reduction or WB changes were applied in post-processing!  Only minor cropping and an occasional EV bump.  But otherwise, these are pretty much direct JPGs from the RAW files.  If you look closely, you could probably pick out the difference between the D4/D7100. If I zoom in to 100%, of course there’s a substantial difference…probably a stop or two in ISO performance.  But overall, I’m extremely pleased with how well the D7100 will fit in with the other kids in my sandbox.  🙂

I’ll post a more detailed review at soon!