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Britt Barnes of Forged in Fire Fame

Britt Barnes is a blacksmith from Newport, TN. A winner of History Channel’s show “Forged in Fire”, he is a true craftsman!

On the most recent stage of our Trans-America Trail Adventure (, my friend Jason Bennett (Docent Prodigy) introduced Britt to us. He and Jason had worked together on a video shoot and gotten to know each other. Jason had also commissioned a custom knife from Britt (which you can see in the photos). Britt showed us around his shop and explained the process. He was kind enough to allow me to create some images of him in his element, while Jason captured some behind-the-scenes shots, and our friend Steve (Ashcraft Studio) helped with lighting.

We had an AWESOME time hanging out with Britt! And the best part was, he let us set up camp at his shop that night. 🙂