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Amtrak Adventure to Washington D.C.

A couple weeks ago, Cami & I decided to have an adventure, and ride the train up to Washington D.C. with her parents for a long weekend. Amtrak has come a long way…fun and courteous attendants, roomy seats, nice diner car, A/C outlets at every seat, and free Wi-Fi!!!

To add to the fun, we stayed with a friend of mine that I grew up with in the Congo (DRC). Like mine, his parents were missionaries too. He and his wife Machelle have a beautiful home, and were wonderful hosts. Plus, their beautiful and witty daugher, Maya, modeled in an impromptu shoot for me!

Weather was pretty dreary most of the weekend. But we had a BLAST hiking all over The National Mall and taking in the sights. It truly is an awe-inspiring place, and one we hope to get back to. Here are a few shots from our Amtrak Adventure…