Wireless Lighting Workshop

My good friend and fellow photographer, Matt Daniel, shared these scenes from the Wireless Lighting Workshop earlier this week. Yes, the nice policeman really did ask us to move the vintage limo off the historic brick street. J





  1. by chrisandcami on January 30, 2010  9:59 am Reply

    Hi Chris! Great talk on Monday! Your gear knowledge was very impressive, and quite helpful. Your lighting tutorial was very clear and helpful. Thanks so much!
    - Nathan

  2. by chrisandcami on January 30, 2010  9:59 am Reply

    Man, you take some great shots! Do you buy cameras and lenses locally or mailorder them? What do you do with your surplus lenses...hint, hint?
    - Dan

  3. by chrisandcami on January 30, 2010  10:00 am Reply

    Boy, Chris, you're lucky that you married Cami because she taught you how to take such beautiful pictures!!

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