Private Mentor Session

As part of our Lightbending411educational experiences, I’ve been leading Private Mentor Sessions for photographers who want to kick their skills up a notch or two.  If you’re interested in joining me on one of these customized Private Mentor Sessions, joining our next Lightbending411 Workshop, or traveling with us on one of our exotic Global Photo Adventures, just head over to the Lightbending website.

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Jennison, who is a fabulous portrait photograpeher from Ohio. Check out her amazing website at  We had a great time talking about everything from best business practices, to workflow, to creative lighting techniques. I had also arranged for a couple of my favorite young clients to model for us so Jennifer could put her new lighting skills into practice. We had a great time and Jenn is already talking about a repeat next year!  🙂  Here are a few of her fantastic images from the session!!!

Many thanks to Holly & Clint for letting us play with their gorgeous daughter, and to Kris & Tucker for letting their witty young lady entertain us…

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