Photoshop Magic

Here’s a problem I encounter all the time! I photograph a number of corporate team photos. But it’s an ever-evolving process…people leave the company, new employees are hired, etc. Here’s a team photo I took for one of my favorite clients, Caldwell Commercial, last year.

Larry just joined the team this year. Instead of dragging everyone back down there, I met up with him at the same spot I had taken the team photo. I brought along the previous team photo on my iPhone so I could position him and light him as close as possible to the original group shot.

Finally, he gets merged in with the others. MAGIC! 🙂 The key is, by paying attention to details and photographing Larry’s image with the same variables as the one I’m trying to fit him in to…the Photoshop work is a piece of cake!


  1. by Matt Daniel on November 3, 2009  6:44 am Reply

    Perfect! Would've fooled me! :)

  2. by Ron Montgomery on November 3, 2009  9:41 am Reply


    Should have shown the pictures in reverse order. Then ask, can you spot who doesn't belong. Would make for a cool contest.

  3. by Anonymous on November 3, 2009  3:51 pm Reply


  4. by Anonymous on November 3, 2009  3:52 pm Reply

    Great use of the natural light...
    - Patrick

  5. by Anonymous on November 3, 2009  4:01 pm Reply

    very clever!! - janet

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