Magnolia Gardens Audubon Swamp

Eric Horan, one of the premier nature and wildlife photographers in South Carolina, is in town leading his Charleston Seabird Rookery Tours. I was looking forward to going out with him on Friday.  But Charleston Bay was too choppy for the number of people he had scheduled. Since I’d blocked off that time to go out with him photographing nature and wildlife, I decided there wasn’t any reason why I couldn’t just go it alone. So I headed to one of my favorite haunts…Magnolia Gardens Audubon Swamp. I’m hoping to get rescheduled with Eric on Tuesday. But for now, here’s a few favorites from my peaceful afternoon in the great outdoors!


  1. by Don Stein on June 15, 2011  3:37 am Reply

    Great shots, Chris! I've been trying to shoot a Red Headed Woodpecker that's visiting us this summer--kind of a rare sight in our neck of the woods. He's extremely skittish. Any hints?

  2. by admin on June 15, 2011  1:22 pm Reply

    Thanks, Don! Woodpeckers are tough for sure! There's one in this post from earlier this year: And here's more from Magnolia Gardens a little while ago: Best I could recommend is to figure out what they like to eat, then prop up a dead tree trunk with holes drilld in it at 90-degrees from your shooting position, fill it with tasty treasures, and try to draw him to you. Good luck!

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