Last Photo Shoot of the Year

It’s the beginning of a new year.  So what better way to celebrate the close of 2010 than to share some of my favorite images from my last shoot of the year.  On the last day of the year, indeed during the last hour of daylight, I was out at the beach doing what I love doing most!  J  I have photographed Elise and her family before.  And I can say she is one of my FAVORITE little models.  It was chilly and windy out on my favorite stretch of Folly Beach.  But Elise (and her Mom & Dad who joined in on a few shots) was a real trooper!  We had a great time and closed the year with some really fun images.


  1. by Nish on January 4, 2011  9:38 am Reply

    Awsome!!!! Brilliant captures!!!
    Could you please advise: what kind of lighting techniques used with these shots pls?
    Shooting by the beach is always tricky.


  2. by admin on January 4, 2011  9:47 am Reply

    Hi Nish! Thanks for the kind words. I love shooting on the beach. Like with this shoot, I always recommend to my client that we go during the last hour of the day for the soft evening light. Then I usually add my own light for extra drama. Most of these (except the girl looking over her shoulder, I have a Nikon SB-800 on a lightstand off to one side with a slight warming gel (filter) over the flash. I shoot with Nikon D3 cameras, using an SB-900 on the camera in Commander Mode telling the SB-800 what power to use. The two flashes are being triggered with RadioPopper radio triggers. In the ones at the end with the deep blue background, I have a full CTO (Orange) gel on the flash. And I have changed my WB setting to tungsten. I'm also using two SB-800 flashes for these as the main light on her...the other from behind as a rim-light. I hope this helps...enjoy!

  3. by Dan on January 4, 2011  9:49 am Reply

    Chris, you are so good....I'd even hire you, and I'm broke. LOL

  4. by Mike on January 4, 2011  9:55 am Reply

    Hi Chris,
    I hope the Holidays found you and Cami well. Love the beach photos, did you use one big ass soft box to light them? and were you using the 70-200mm lens? I always enjoy your photos, I'm forever trying to figure out how the hell you light stuff.

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