Ken Sklute Seminar

Last weekend I attended Ken Sklute’s photography seminar for the annual Lamarr School of Photography in Columbia.  He’s an amazing photographer and fantastic speaker.  After the seminar, we had a short photo-shoot-out where the attendees could break out their gear.  It was overcast, meaning the light was nice and soft.  So everyone else just started shooting with available light.  But when I saw our model and the custom chopper, I knew I wanted something a little more EDGY!  Soft natural light just wasn’t going to do her justice.  So I lit her up with three SB-800 strobes and further enhanced that with a high-contrast selective-color filter in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  Let me know what you think…


  1. by Robert on July 16, 2010  3:58 pm Reply

    Great as always!!!!!!!!

  2. by Dale on July 16, 2010  4:44 pm Reply

    Whoa Chris, this looks like it was an interesting shoot!

  3. by Romesh on July 17, 2010  3:38 am Reply

    Woooow love the lighting here chris..............

  4. by Bill on July 17, 2010  11:11 pm Reply

    Very strong photo. I like how the off camera light muscles it's way through the photo. This one really worked out well for you.

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