Family Circle Cup Fever

I just finished photographing the PGA Nationwide Tour Championships, which is organized by the fine folks at the Family Circle Cup.  It was great to see some familiar faces.  But this brought on a little Family Circle Cup Fever!

I’ve been the Official Photographer of this amazing Premier WTA Tour tennis tournament for half-a-dozen years or more.  It’s a week of long hours and hard work!  But I love the thrill of being on the court, behind the scenes, around the grounds, capturing every aspect of the big event.  This coming year will be particularly historic as WTA Founder, Billie Jean King, and other members of the “Original 9” come to celebrate over 40 years of women’s professional tennis.

Here’s a fun little video I found that gives an excellent sense of what it’s like to be there.  At the 1:02 minute you’ll even catch a glimpse of me in the black pants and white shirt photographing John McEnroe under the lights of Center Stadium.  🙂  After watching, make sure to mark your calendar and come on out, March 31st – April 8th, 2012!!!

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