ESPN Charleston Classic

Earlier this month I had the honor of being ESPN’s official photographer of the Charleston Classic. This is the second year of this college basketball tournament. And it’s my second year photographing it!

Here are a few shots from the Welcome Banquet aboard the USS Yorktown…

Team coaches with ESPN Commentators Jay Williams and Justin Kutcher.

Jay Williams delivers the Keynote Address.

Special guest Rachel Edwards, a cancer survivor at MUSC, poses with Coach Darrin Horn of the University of South Carolina.

Each team got their photo on the deck of the historic USS Yorktown.


  1. by Anonymous on December 8, 2009  11:49 am Reply

    Thanks Chris, I have heard lots of good things about your business.

  2. by Anonymous on December 8, 2009  11:52 am Reply

    I just cannot thank you enough for being so generous with your photos.

    Sunday, I gave Ms Rachel the 8x10 of her and the USC team to get autographs before the 6pm game. She loved it! I had lunch next to her today at the CVB turkey day ritual and she could not quit talking about it. So, you do good work in many ways, so thank you.

    By the way, Rachel's Dad works for us and we have seen this family take her through two cancer recovery situations, one in the leg and recently in the lung. Today, when we went through and said what we were thankful for, out of 40 some people, she was the only one who said she was thankful for "her great health." Is that not inspirational or what! :) Thanks a million Chris!


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