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Crab Bank Wildlife
  • Crab Bank Wildlife

  • It's been a busy "wedding season" in Charleston. But last week I finally got a day off! So what do I do on my day off? I take pictures of course! :-) The sun was shining, the temperatures were moderate, so I grabbed my kayak and headed to Shem Creek! It was a little choppy, but I made it to Crab [...]
Shannon & Ronnie's Wedding on the Carolina Girl
  • Shannon & Ronnie's Wedding on the Carolina Girl

  • Shannon & Ronnie have been together over 6 years. She is beautiful, sweet, and super organized. She grew up as a military brat, and is now the Youth Director at Joint Base Charleston. A ripped body builder with rugged good looks and an outrageous personality, Ronnie has been in the military for [...]
Clawson & Staubes Business Portraits
  • Clawson & Staubes Business Portraits

  • Our longtime clients, Clawson & Staubes, have hired a wonderful new attorney! I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie yesterday to photographing her head-shots for the company website, press releases, and marketing material. I love that the company has chosen to go with environmental portrait[...]