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Who I Am

Earlier this week I attended the annual Professional Photographers of South Carolina convention. It’s so much fun to be a part of all the professional associations I belong to. But more than that, it gives me an opportunity to feed that voracious appetite I have for ANYTHING dealing with my craft. Sure, you might say I’ve had a formal education on the subject, I’ve been doing it for over a decade, why bother?!? Well, I have a BURNING passion for what I do. Many of you have heard me say this before…”Being a photographer is not WHAT I DO, it’s WHO I AM!” Belonging to excellent organizations like the PPSC is one of the many ways I keep in touch with fellow photographers who I trust and admire, share new techniques and skills with others, gain insights, and garner inspiration. I don’t have any photos from the event to share with you. So here’s one of my favorites of Paige & Perry’s wedding as they did a little gig and drew gales of laughter from all their friends! 🙂 Congratulations you two!!!