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Welcome to the World!

A popular option among new parents is our “Welcome to the World” or WTTW Package! It includes 4 sessions of the parent’s choosing, throughout the baby’s first 18 months on the planet. Choices include a Maternity Shoot, Newborn Session, 3-Month Session, 6-Month Session, 9-Month Session, and 1st Year Shoot. At the end of the 4 Photo Shoots, they get to choose their favorite nine images to display on a beautiful complimentary Canvas Gallery Wrap Collage!

Brad & Anne-Magill instantly became favorite clients of ours when we first photographed their wedding several years ago. They have such a great “Laissez Faire” outlook on life!!!

When they started their family with beautiful Merritt…our WTTW Package was a perfect fit for Brad & Anne-Magill. They LOVED their collage! So of course when sweet Riley came along, we started on another series of sessions for her. As a bonus, Merritt gets to make cameo appearances with her little sister along the way. 🙂

Here’s a few from Riley’s 6-month session at the Charles Pinckney National Historic Site.  Enjoy…