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The Treehouse

Mel, the editor from Charleston Magazine sent me an email the other day saying: “I do have another house we need to shoot on May 4th. Very Colorful, a little funky. And I’d very much like to shoot it with the bright, open feeling you shot the VanDyke house with. Are you in?????” What a silly question! If the words “colorful” and “funky” fall in the same sentence describing a subject…I’m DEFINITELY IN! 🙂 The house was totally unique. And Susan Simons, the owner, was such an eloquent, artistic, and well traveled individual. We had a great time working together and talking about the different countries and cultures we’d visited. Just to give you a taste, this shot is the master bedroom. The huge door to the left leads out onto a wrap-around deck that’s literally built around the tree trunks that grow up that side of the house. The fresh sea breeze comes from beyond the branches where the view of Sullivan’s Island and the ocean beyond that is spectacular. Make sure you pick up the next issue of Charleston Magazine to see the rest of the images!