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The Haik Family on Isle of Palms

Yesterday I got a wonderful lesson in TRUST!

About an hour before I was supposed to leave the house to go photograph the Haik Family in Wild Dunes Resort on Isle of Palms, it started storming over our house. My confirmation calls to the Rob & Brenda were met with assurance that the weather was fine out on the island. So I started heading over to IOP for our shoot. No sooner did I hit the highway, when Severe Thunderstorm Warnings started popping all over my phone and a rediculous monsoon rained havoc down on me! I just KNEW I was going to get all the way out there, only to be rained out.

But I’d promised the Haiks that I was on the way. So I forged ahead. As I crossed over the Isle of Palms Connector, I suddenly passed out of a wall of rain into an open sky…what a beautiful sight to see! We ended up with a perfect window of gorgeous light, just right for their portrait session. And I learned to never doubt my clients when they assure me the weather is nice their way!!!