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The Final Frame

As we begin the new adventure that is 2012, I leave you with a final frame from 2011.

While on my way home from a canoe trip on New Year’s Day, I saw several White Ibis foraging for food in the pluff mud on the far banks of a tidal pond. Knowing they’d eventually make their way around to my side, I slipped into the bushes to watch and wait. Sure enough, one of them slowly worked his way around to my end. Suddenly in a flurry of excitement, he dragged this huge crab out if it’s burrow under the mud! Seeing this from the other side, a rival swooped over to try and steal the prize. A wonderful skirmish ensued, ending with the poor crab in pieces, but with each of the winged creatures healthy and happy. May your 2012 be like that of the bird, not of the crab!!! 🙂

(Shot at 1/800sec, f7.1, with Nikon D300 + Nikkor 200-400 f4 VR + Nikon TC14eII, Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Monopod, Sandisk Extreme Media.)