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Season’s Greetings

The Christmas Season is almost here! Each December, Cami, Henry, and I try to get a nice photo taken that we can share with family and friends. (You can take a look at last year’s, here.) This time we decided to do an “Old Charleston” scene. We asked our good friend, Gary Coleman, to photograph it for us. And we picked one of our favorite picturesque alleys, just off the lower end of Church St. The old brick homes, narrow walkways, and black iron fences have a real Charleston charm that’s hard to beat. Henry LOVES to ride in the car. So he was happy to pose for a few photos in exchange for us letting him hang his furry head out the window while we drove. It always cracks me up when the wind gets under his lips and those jowls start to flap back and forth! 🙂 Anyway, we want to wish all of you a blessed Christmas Season!!!