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Seabird Sanctuary Tour with Eric Horan

Photographing nature and wildlife is my relief-valve…my Feng Shui…my therapy.  I find it so peaceful and rewarding to get out into the world, and enjoy the beauty and majesty of the wild kingdom. 

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining Eric Horan, a Master Naturalist and well-known Nature Photographer, on one of his Seabird Sanctuary Tours.  Loading our gear bright and early at the Shem Creek boat landing, we headed out into the harbor at first light.  Eric skillfully navigated his boat into the mouth of a creek where a pair of skimmers were working the glassy surface of the water, foraging for breakfast.  After photographing these graceful flyers for a while, we headed over to Castle Pinckney were several species, including pelicans, ibis, egrets, and herons roost.  The light was gorgeous as the rising sun warmed our backs.  Next stop we made was at the home of an osprey, complete with mother and chick watching our every move.  Then for a grand finale, Eric took us over to Crab Island where skimmers, oyster catchers, and all kinds of terns were returning from the morning forage with shrimp and minows for their young. 

Throughout the experience, Eric’s professional guidance on camera settings and shooting tips, as well as observations and insights on our subjects, was very helpful.  I had a fantastic time and encourage anyone interested in photographing the natural world around us to join Eric on one of his excurstions.  You’ll love it!!!  

Here are a few images from the first half of the trip.  More to come…