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RadioPoppers Rock the Portland Head Lighthouse

Cami & I were up in Maine a few months ago to lead one of our Lightbending 411 Workshops for the Aroostook F-Stops.  While we were there, we stopped at the famed Portland Head Lighthouse to create our spin on this heavily photographed landmark.  After shooting the usual suspects, we decided to go for something “different”. 

Waiting until twilight, I stood on a ledge a couple hundred feet away.  Cami took a Nikon SB-800 with a full CTO gel on it and walked back to stand right under the tower.  I set the Nikon D3’s white balance to 4100K to make the sky go blue and dialed in a long exposure.  An SB-900 was mounted to the camera and set to Commander Mode to control the flash Cami had.  I dialed the power to 1/2 and fired.  The CLS signal from my flash was then picked up by the RadioPopper Px Transmitter mounted to it, converted to radio waves, transmitted to the RadioPopper Px Receiver mounted on Cami’s flash, converted back to a light signal that her flash could understand…and PRESTO!  Like Magic, her flash lit up the building like a spotlight.  She then moved to the other side of the tower and I took a second shot…later combining the two images in Photoshop.  Here’s the before and after so you can see what a difference one tiny little flash can make to an entire scene!  Enjoy…