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Quintuple Sevens

Nicole & Alex planned THEIR big day around Quintuple Sevens. Yup, I’m not kidding. Last weekend they got married on 7/7/07, and the ceremony was at 7:07PM! How cool is THAT?!? But it doesn’t stop there! I absolutely LOVED all the interesting, unique ideas these two came up with. But I digress…I’ll mention them as I go along.

First, I just wanted to say what an AWESOME couple these two are! When I met Alex a while back I was so impressed with how he thinks outside the box, is a strong individual, and CHOOSES to have a mind of his own instead of just following the status quot. THEN, I met Nicole. And I’m telling you…she is EQUALLY as comfortable with her individuality, just as unique a spirit, and every bit as driven to think for herself and not just conform to what those around her might say. I was told Nicole & Alex have been dating FOREVER! And I KNOW all their friends and family have just been waaaaaiting for this day. Now that I’ve had the privilege of spending some time with these two, I totally agree that this day was destined to be…it was just a matter of timing. Alex and Nicole were TOTALLY meant for each other. And I’m so happy for them that this day has finally arrived!

Their wedding was on the peninsula at Sunrise Park. And after their unique departure by golf cart, the reception was held at Charleston Place. You’ll notice that the cake design is based around a chess board. Alex totally created the design himself. In appreciating how intellectually gifted these two are, he chose this theme because he and Nicole first met at a chess tournament! It was a complete surprise to her and she LOVED it! The center pieces on the tables also had a beautiful chess theme to them. The other really unique thing was the fact that Nicole had her dress specially crafted with optical fibers woven into it that would emit tiny pinpoints of glowing light. When she danced, it was MAGIC! At the end of the night, I got this last shot of them heading up to their suite. I just like the connection between this beautiful double-winding staircase and the double-winding staircase Alex designed into the cake! OK…I know I get a little TOO excited over the little things!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Nicole and Alex! I had a BLAST at your wedding celebration and can’t thank you enough for inviting me to tag along! We wish you ALL the BEST…

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