Friends That Make You Smile

Since I’m always BEHIND the camera, I hardly EVER get my photo taken! Actually, I sort of prefer it that way. 🙂 But my family has been complaining that they never see any photos of me on the website. Plus, I needed an up-dated head shot for an up-coming article. So I turned to my […]

As Tall as a Four-Story Building

The new banner is already up and hanging from Stadium Center Court. Mike Saia, of the Family Circle Cup, was kind enough to send me this photo of it. It’s about as tall as a four-story building!

Tennis Championships

As many of you know, I’m not one of the Official Photographers of the Family Circle Cup professional tennis tournament just because it’s a great assignment. I enjoy shooting it because I’m also a tennis player and a fan! One of the local tennis teams I play on actually WON our State Championships a few […]

My Best Friend

Katie & Steven tied the knot yesterday in a BEAUTIFUL evening service at Christ Episcopal Church. While hanging out with Katie and her gorgeous bridesmaids before the service (I know I have SUCH a ROUGH JOB), I was truly taken by a comment she made. “I’m marrying my BEST FRIEND!”. Doesn’t that just melt your […]

Magic Hour

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of day to photograph is during what’s known as “Magic Hour”. This is the last hour of daylight before sunset. The quality of light at this time is soft and beautiful – which is PERFECT for portraits. But this is also a transition time. The sun is setting, the moon is […]

Holiday Magic

Larry Lipov, president of Pearlstine Distributors, was so pleased with the photography we provided at his son’s Bar Mitzvah last month, that he asked us to cover another big event for him! He had worked and worked to book the famous Budweiser Clydesdale Horses to come to Charleston this year. While they were in town, […]