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On Photo Safari in Tanzania

Chris & Cami Photography will be closed July 26th – August 13th. Cami & I will be on vacation…WOOHOOO! As most of you know, I was born and raised in the Congo (DRC). And Cami & I LOVE to travel!!!

For years it’s been a dream of mine to return to the amazing continent that is Africa and share the experience with my beautiful bride! The first half of the trip we’ll be on Photo Safari. We land at Kilimanjaro International Airport, tour Arusha for a couple days, see the Ngorongoro Crater (some call the Eighth Wonder of the World), then travel NW through the Serengeti during the Great Migragion. We eventually end up in Bunda, a small town on the east coast of Lake Victoria where we’ll stay with missionary friends of my parents, where we’ll spend the second half getting to know the locals and relaxing. Then we head SW around source of the Nile to Mwanza where we’ll take a small bush plane, flying back over the Serengeti, and in to Kilimanjaro International Airport for our flight home.

We do not anticipate having any cell phone coverage or internet access the entire time! We will respond to email and return phone calls as soon as possible upon our return. Oh, and don’t worry…we’ll probably take a FEW pictures to share with you when we get back! 😉