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Megan & Brad at Cathedral of St. John

I Love a Rainy Night“…the catchy 80s tune by Eddie Rabbit was floating through my head. I was driving behind the trolley Megan & Brad had rented to take the wedding party from the church to their reception. I don’t know what it is, but I just LOVE the rain…the mystery, the wonder, the calming piter-pater on the windshield. Besides, it’s supposed to bring GOOD LUCK, right?!? šŸ™‚ The day started out beautifully as I captured first Brad and his entourage, then Megan and her wonderful attendants getting ready at the historic Francis Marion Hotel. From there we headed over to the majestic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist…surely one of the most beautiful sanctuary’s in Charleston. Jimmy Ryan did an awesome job with the bagpipes as always. I absolutely LOVE the shot of the ladies fluffing Megan’s crenalin in the church vestibule as her father looks on lovingly…waiting to hand her the bouquet, take her arm in his, and escort her down the isle. Her cousin, Father Kennedy, gave a beautiful homily. The rains started while we were in the sanctuary. So as we waited for it to subside, I was able to get this dramatic shot of them silhouetted in the huge doorway with the palmetto tree in the distance. That’s my lovely bride, Cami, helping keep Megan’s gown dry as they made a mad dash for the trolley. That’s when the song started in my head. šŸ™‚ We returned to the Francis Marion Hotel for a beautiful reception. After their grand entrance and VERY DIFFERENT first dance, Megan’s Mom, her two sisters, and Leslie bustled her gown and touched up her makeup…the gorgeous light drifting through the rain-spattered window really caught my attention. Remembering the wonderful quality of that light later, I made this dramatic image of Megan & Brad sitting on the window sill before their grand departure through the gauntlet of bubbles. If you liked these, Click Here to check out the rest of their photos. CONGRATULATIONS, Megan & Brad!!!