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Martina Hingis wins Meredith Inspiration Award

I get so many GREAT action images on the courts each day that I feel like I should be posting more of those each night. But when I get a truly special opportunity, like photographing Martina Hingis at a private Awards Banquet, it’s REALLY HARD not to select it as my shot of the day! The banquet was hosted by the AMAZING Virginia Wade, and those in attendance included former tour champions like Leslie Allen. Plus of course I got to rub elbows with Martina Hingis all night! Martina is a former world’s #1 player, has won just about EVERY title there is, and is the comeback queen of the year after her incredible rise back to the top of the rankings after several years off the tour for medical reasons. At the end of the night, as Martina was preparing to leave, I scooted outside the historic Riviera Theater to wait for her. I had already scouted out this location under the famous Marquee and had envisioned this image. The questions was…would she be willing to do it? The minute she stepped out those doors I smiled and mischievously asked “So have you had a little Campaign, Martina?” She laughed and said “yes…a little”. The minute she laughed, I knew I had her. So I quickly followed up with “How about one last FUN photo before you go?”. As you can see, she was kind enough to go for it!!! Thanks, Martina! 🙂