Magnolia Gardens Audubon Swamp

Seeing the Night Heron’s at White Point Gardens the other day got me wondering how the rookery at the Magnolia Gardens Audubon Swampis looking! I try to get over there a couple times each spring.  So my friend and fellow photographer, Chrissy Janes, and I headed out there to poke around yesterday evening. I didn’t see as many chicks as usual. But there was quite a bit of activity going on…both in the air and in the water.  🙂   Here are a few of my favorites…enjoy!


  1. by Ruthie Sullivan on May 4, 2011  2:13 pm Reply

    WOW! Chris, words majestic enough to describe these photos capturing the beauty of nature do not exist! Thanks for sharing!!
    Take care!

  2. by admin on May 4, 2011  3:17 pm Reply

    Hi Ruthie! How've you been? Long time, no see. You are always such a sweetheart! Thank you for the kind words. I can't take all the credit...God made 'em...I just captured 'em... :-)

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