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Leigh & Matt

It may have been sprinkling that afternoon, but Leigh & Matt’s personalities have a strong polarity towards the positive…so their spirits weren’t dampened ONE BIT! I really think that says a lot about these two. Their love for each other and their EXCITEMENT about finally being together just wasn’t going to allow any negativism to creep into their wedding celebration! Since I’ve been accused many times of possessing just such a positive personality myself, I felt an instant connection with both Leigh & Matt…as if we were already old friends. Needless to say, we had a GREAT time together!!!

Their wedding and reception was held at the Sand Dunes Club on Sullivan’s Island. I love the huge open rooms, safari-style furniture, and old-school hardwood floors in this private facility. I’ve included just a few of my many favorites from their day. But I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the image in the middle of Matt & Leigh exiting the great hall at the conclusion of the wedding. As a full time professional, I work very hard to train my eye, have an intimate knowledge of my equipment, and constantly be aware of my surroundings. So it’s SUCH A JOY to be rewarded with an image like this every now and then. As the newlyweds walked past me, I don’t know WHAT possessed me to switch off the flash, ratchet the shutter speed down to expose for the shadows, and whip around to focus on their backs. But when Leigh tossed that “I-can’t-believe-I’m-finally-married” glance over her shoulder at me…well it was like the photo gods had tossed me a GIFT from heaven to reward me for all my hard work and dedication! 🙂

So Matt & Leigh, I just wanted to shout out a HUGE thank you for allowing me to share in the positive energy of your wedding day…and for giving me the best gift a photographer can ask for!

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