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Jeremy’s Secret Proposal to Corinne

Jeremy called me way back around Valentines Day…he was planning a BIG SURPRISE!!! He and his girlfriend, Corinne, were going to be taking a trip to Charleston this past weekend. Since he know how much she loved the beach, having grown up near one as a child, Jeremy wanted to ask for her hand in marriage on the beach.

Together we hatched a grand plan that involved him taking her for a tour of Fort Moultrie, then walking up the Sullivan’s Island Beach, where I would be hiding in the sea oats near the Station 16 beach access. On the day of the big event, traffic was a little heavier than usual. I was sweating a little…but had left early just in case this happened…WHEW!

I settled into place with my 200-400 on the D7100 (giving me the equivalent view of a 300-600mm lens), and the 70-200 on one of the D4s (just in case they came closer than expected). Not 5 minutes later, I saw them strolling down the beach towards me, hand-in-hand.

I started to get a little nervous when another couple walked passed them, heading the opposite direction. But Jeremy was focused. He stalled a minute by pulling out his iPhone and getting Corinne to pose for a few snapshots. Then as smooth as Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, Jeremy bent his knee into the soft sand, pulled a ring from his pocket, and asked Corinne to be his wife!

I had to focus on the task at hand in order to keep the tears at bay. It truly was a beautiful moment. THESE are the life-moments that make me so honored, humbled, and happy. I have the greatest job in the world!

CONGRATULATIONS Jeremy & Corinne!!!