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As a husband and wife, as adopted parents, and as animal lovers…quite possibly the hardest thing Cami and I have ever had to do together was put Henry to sleep. He was laid to rest while we held him in our arms and tears streamed down our faces yesterday at 4:15 after 14 wonderful years with us…almost as long as we’ve been married! Back then I used to work for a photography company that had me traveling to other cities a lot. Shortly after moving into our new home, I got in around 2:00am from one of these assignments. As I quietly snuck in so as not to disturb Cami, I felt something soft and warm snuggle up against my leg! Cami had rescued Henry through Pet Helpers that day and wanted him to be a surprise for me. He had been abused as a puppy, but Henry soon learned that he had reached the good life! As Cami’s dad puts it, “If I believed in re-incarnation, I’d want to come back as a dog in THIS family!” 😉 Henry was well loved and had a long life. Some of his favorite memories would include running on the beach, seeing snow for the first time in Ohio, popping balloons with his teeth at birthday parties, barking at the UPS man, and long walks on the Charleston Greenway. We miss him so much…