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HDR From a Single File

I got so many great comments from the Colorado HDR posts, so here’s one more.  This time I didn’t actually shoot multiple images with the intent of creating a High Dynamic Range photo. But in looking at the original image, it just didn’t seem to capture the beauty of the barn.

So in Adobe Lightroom I right-clicked the file and selected “Create Virtual Copy”. I repeated this again to make a second copy. Then on one copy I adjusted the exposure of the RAW file down by -2 stops. And on the other copy I adjusted the exposure up +2 stops.

Next I exported all three exposures of the image into Photomatix via the Lightroom Plugin. Once in that program, I adjusted the sliders just like I was working on multiple images, saved the changes, and PRESTO…the final HDR image appeared back in Lightroom.

As always, there was a little tweaking still to do…curves, saturation, clarity…and I was done. What do you think of the final image?