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Have Camera, Will Fly!

I grew up flying in small single-engine Cessna’s and bush-planes as a common means of getting around the tropical jungles and endless savanas of the Congo (DRC), where I grew up. But NOTHING could have prepared me for the wild acrobatic flying I did yesterday!!! 🙂

My good friend, fellow photographer, and badminton afficianado, Frank Oplanic, had arranged for me to get a flight with amazing aerial acrobatics flyer, Lee Graves, yesterday. Lee has been flying since he was 16 years old and routinely appears in air shows around the country. No roller coaster in the world can compare to the total and utter freedom, exhileration, and adreneline rush of doing barrel roles, loop-de-loops, vertical climbs, and free falls at 200+ mph.

Many thanks to Frank and Lee for the oportunity to check another item off my “bucket list”!