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Focus on the Fun!

Why is there such a huge mis-conseption among executives and business folks that having their head-shots done is going to be a painful experience?!?

Maybe that’s because photographers often get too wrapped up in the “how” and forget to focus on the “why”! To me, photographing an executive at South Carolina Federal Credit Union is no different than photographing my best friend. I arrive early, set up all the equipment, and get the “technical” out of the equation. That way when they arrive, I can treat them like a real person instead of a lab rat!
I may only have 15 minutes with them out of their busy schedule. But in that 15 minutes, I treat them like I would want to be treated…like a real, live, fellow human being on planet earth! Where is the common ground? We both have parents, we may have grown up with siblings, we’ve worked in “corporate America”, we enjoy living in Charleston, we’ve loved a pet, we might be married, we’re passionate about a sport…so many common experiences, emotions, insecurities, and accomplishments that we can relate to!

Once we get to chatting and getting to know each other, we forget about the “picture taking”, and focus on the fun! THAT, my friends, is when the best expressions and true portraits are made!!!