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Family Circle Cup Day 1 – Action, Media Hour, & Box Holder Reception

Day 1 at the Family Circle Cup had all kinds of really neat photo oportunities!

There was plenty of great tennis action around the grounds! Then it was over to the picturesque Daniel Island Club to photograph the Media Hour where the top 9 seeds arrived to be interviewed and pose for photos. (The shots I made of each player holding the various tournament hashtags will be stitched together to create a really neat panoramic group shot.) Lastly, Alice and I closed the day out by covering the VIP Box Holder Reception, where 5 of the favorite players came out to answer questions and pose for photos with the box seat holders. (For this event we do prints-on-site which attendees take home with them that night!)

With Day 1 in the bag, it was home to recharge batteries and prepare to do it all over again! Stay tuned for more shots to come…