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ESPN Charleston Classic

Kathleen Cartland, my friend and colleague at the Charleston Metro Sport Council, just shared this video with me…

Kathleen was instrumental in helping me get the assignment to photograph the ESPN Charleston Classic basketball championships, which I’ve covered for them the last three years.  Part of the assignment is photographing each team as they arrive at the Welcome Banquet, held on the flight deck of the USS Yorktown.  The folks from Tulane Athletics recorded this video of me photographing their team’s portrait.  Click Here to see what the final shot looks like, and others from that evening.

I had NO IDEA I was being recorded.  But it’s kind of funny to see how much I look like  a midget next to these guys!!!  🙂  I’m shooting with a Nikon D3 with Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 lens.  Since standard house-hold 110 outlets are scarce on old retired aircraft carriers, I’m using the wireless Nikon CLS system instead of studio lights.  There are 4 SB-800 flashes being used, 2 per light stand, firing into Westcott 43″ Collapsible shoot-through umbrellas.  These flashes are being controlled by my camera-mounted SB-900, which is in Commander Mode.  I’m using Bogen/Manfrotto light stands and tripod, and Sandisk media.  Here are detail pictures of my lighting setup.  And here are a few of my shots from this year’s tournament.