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Erika & Robbie

Erika & Robbie’s wedding last weekend was such a DELIGHT to photograph! I also photographed Erika’s Bridal Session as well as Erika and Robbie’s Engagement Session. So it’s been really neat to get to know these two over time…both as the unique individuals they are…and as the combined persona they exhibit as a couple. I thought it particularly touching that Erika had her mother’s bridal gown modified for her to wear on HER wedding day. And of course Robbie’s tux was SOOO “Him”! Robbie, only a REAL man could pull that off the way you did!!! 🙂

The wedding was held at the Rutledge Chapel on the USC campus in downtown Columbia. It’s in what’s known as the “Horseshoe”. And that whole area is just incredibly PICTURESQUE! On top of THAT, the historical significance of this part of our state really made for a fitting location for these two to celebrate their wedding since they are both intellectually in tune with the our world, appreciative of it’s history, and aware of the value of our heritage there in. (Erika’s chosen vocation is in Archeology.)

Robbie & Erika, thank you SO MUCH for letting me be a part of your BIG DAY! As you begin building your NEW life together, may these images be a happy reminder of this special day in YOUR history…

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