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As a bit of a “doubles-specialist” myself, I actually enjoy watching and photographing the doubles matches more than the singles. Unfortunately, the demand for images from the singles far outway the doubles, so I shoot more of the other. In any event, I was SURE this was going to be Kveta Peschke & Rennae Stubbs‘ year! Unfortunately, they got beat today. But I like them as a team because I can relate. They’ve both passed their physical prime and no longer enjoy the grind of playing both singles and doubles. So they’ve teamed up to only play in the doubles portion of tournaments like the Family Circle Cup. They’ve been doing very well. And I would have loved to see them win this one. Particularly because they’re both SO fun and pleasant to everyone. Their excitement for tennis and for life is infectious. I get to shoot a lot of “behind-the-scenes” events with top players on the tour. And nothing ruins my day like a professional tennis player turned celebrity that doesn’t have the time of day for the rest of us mere mortals. 😉 Witnessing stars like Kveta and Rennae who are still as friendly to the people they meet as ever…well…it’s a pleasure just being around them.