Diagram of a High-Key Portrait

One of my favorite corporate clients is Colliers International.  They have the nicest folks working there!  So it was when I had the privilege of meeting Laura to photograph her new Executive Portraits. 

Here’s one of her images.  It’s important to note that the background is being lit separately from the subject.  This is the only way to have total control over the exposure value of the background, while maintaining perfect exposure on the subject.  I use Alien Bee 800s for my main lights, and an Alien Bee 400 for my hair light.  I prefer using a reflector for fill, rather than another light, because I like the more natural look of only having one catch-light in the eyes.  I matched the level of the hair light above her, with a kicker light behind her, and off to camera-right, to give that extra dimension to her hair.  Sometimes it’s the subtle details that make all the difference.  The background is a Savage White Seamless, hung from a Bogen Auto-pole system of six different backgrounds to choose from.  Strobes are triggered, and power levels controlled from the camera, via RadioPopper JrX system.

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