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Danielle & Keith

Danielle & Keith were my DREAM BRIDE & GROOM! I was talking to Eddie “L” (their incredible DJ) at the end of the reception and we both agreed that they were two of the nicest people we’d ever worked with!

To start the day off, I photographed Keith and his “entourage” at the Dunes West Country Club where they were getting ready. Then I zipped over to Danielle’s house in Dunes West where I was rewarded with this elegant portrait of Danielle relaxing before the Main Event. With Keith being a Citadel Grad, it was fitting that their ceremony took place at Summerall Chapel…complete with sword ceremony! On our way off campus, we stopped by his old barracks to create a couple cool shots like this one of them in the checkered courtyard. The reception was appropriately held at the Citadel Beach House where the beautiful sunset allowed me to capture this contemplative silhouette while they shared a little “alone time” away from the party. With heavy beach-theme decorations, I thought it would be neat to get a unique image of their gorgeous rings on the arm of this starfish.

Danielle & Keith, thanks for putting up with all my CRAZY ideas and being so AWESOME to photograph. When you look at this last photo, remember that a ring is in the form of a circle, with no beginning and no end. May your love for each other be never-ending!

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