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Charleston Air Show

I had an AWESOME time photographing the Charleston Air Show this year. With the war going on, we haven’t had one in town for several years. I’ve always been fascinated by flight. When I was growing up in Africa, my brothers and I were always loaded on to little Cessna single-engine airplanes for our trips to boarding school. So I think the awe and wonder of lifting off those little grass airstrips is where it all began. But even today as I watch the huge C-17s come floating into the base from their missions, it just blows me away that something THAT monstrous can remain air born! Anyway, here’s a few shots of the famous Patty Flagstaff in her stunt plane, the Thunderbirds pulling their maneuvers, and the amazing F22 Raptor showing off it’s prowess.

All shot with Nikon D3 & 200-400 f4.0