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Celebrities are People Too

You would not BELIEVE the background checks and security clearance I had to go through to get this job. But I had the privilege of covering the National Governor’s Association this week. It was very interesting and I got to meet a lot of powerful people. (I was secretly hoping Arnold Schwarzenegger would be there, but he couldn’t make it.) This is a shot of Governor Mark Sanford with his son, enjoying the huge fish tank at the South Carolina Aquarium. I don’t know why as a society we single out celebrities and put them on such a high pedestal? Deep down, they’re just people too. They deserve all the same courtesy, privacy, and respect that you and I take for granted every day. Instead of mobbing him like the rest of the paparazzi, I just quietly approached him like a regular guy. The Governor was kind, friendly, approachable…and had a great time showing his son all the wonders of the aquatic world while I clicked away!